Joomla and website Content Management Systems (CMS) and open source technologies have spawned an online revolution for transforming static web sites into dynamic Web 2.0 businesses with ecommerce and social communities. Joomla! CMS is a powerful and expandable framework and combined with our CRBM Platform you can actually future proof your business, automate your processes and fuel growth.

The CNP Integrations team is an industry leader for supporting these innovative technologies which put the control back into the hands of small business owners.

Our Value Building consulting approach and proven project planning processes allows us to provide world class Joomla CMS portal systems. In addition we can offer Customer Relationship Business Management Solutions that Synchronize with QuickBooks and your Joomla CMS.

We can integrate your online and offline business practices for complete transaction life cycle management and a complete 360 degree view of your organization with real time workflow automations.

We can help you reduce operational costs, boost sales and harness the power of social technologies. We have been able to help hundreds of small business owners deploy comprehensive technology and training to empower their business success.

“We are passionate about our technology solutions but believe technology by itself is flat and meaningless without the life and excitement of a collaboration team driving its success!” Let's get started on building your business with a Joomla! CMS and our CRBM Platform.

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