The CNP team has been busy delivering great new options for CRM and CMS

Well the past month and a half has been a busy time for us as we have been building out our Info At Hand training portal"> and working the final QA testing out on our soon to be released JoomlaCRM portal which offers a social networking/ecommerce "Super Joomla" Info At Hand enabled customer portal. We have also aligned ourselves with several partners to deliver world class CRM strategy consulting to accompany our internal training and technical support for the Info At Hand CRBM system. One of the great new features of IAH is the Quick Books Finance module which was a bit of an effort to get off the ground but we are starting to package services for supporting not only  the deployment and training but ongoing book keeping support. With our resident Quick Books Pro Adviser Donna Freitas we hope to help small businesses cross the bridge from traditional eCommerce shopping cart to a full transaction life cycle management system that synchronizes with QuickBooks.

There is a new release of Info At Hand coming out shortly and we are excited about the new features. Check this out:

I just wanted to let you all know what we have been up to and give you a preview of what is coming...

Thanks for dropping by our sites and we look forward to getting your input on these new products and services.


Renowned author and CRM expert Paul Greenberg had some nice things to say about SugarCRM and the info@hand tool suite on his blog.

"From what I've seen of info@hand, it seems to be a very robust application and certainly more feature rich than the basic SugarCRM program and that's a good thing."

Feel free to pass by and take a look

at the full review.

Paul and his partners also launched a new site:

This is another great resource for information and talent for implementing CRM.

Hey, this week we received a nice full color brochure for info@hand that we collaborated on with our Swiss Partner UNICUM. This is a nice easy to understand overview of the info@hand system. Feel free to call or drop me an email if you would like coppies to hand out at a group presentation on CRM or to share with associates.


Hey, I just ran across a great article about opensource CRM. They review several vendors (including SugarCRM) and make reference to Michael Whitehead's book Implimenting SugarCRM. Perhaps this offers a good case for considering the advantages of the info@hand tool suite which is built on top of the SugarCRM open source platform. If you review info@hand's extended features and

consider our value added supports services combined with the flexability offered through access to the source code for customization and low cost of entry, info@hand is a powerful solution for small to mid sized businesses.

Take a look at the article and give me your feedback.,295582,sid11_gci1094479,00.html?bucket=REF&topic=306375

Oct. 16th: John and I are at the Social Media and CRM 2.0 Professional Certification Seminar in NYC. Day one has offered a significant amount of information related to the business advantages for engaging social networking into your web communications strategy.

Paul Greenberg and Chris Carfi have been presenting cutting edge information on the the art of blogging and how this impacts

customer relationships.

There was a great group of industry leaders, educators, executives and students sharing the debate and conversation.

Here is one interesting link that came out of this mornings discussion:

We plan to pass on some links and other resource info once we finish digesting this in a meaningful way.

We want to thank our hosts BPT Partners and will give you an update on the next season of seminars as soon as we have it available to us.