Joomla for Learning Management: Review of Joomlearn LMS

Learning Management Systems provide organisations the power to manage and control their own website content by providing a seamless solution to deliver education. Many common terms used for this are; e-learning software, e learning lms, learning content management systems, open source LMS, online learning systems but regardless of the terms they all deliver web based training.

Web based training with a Learning Management System is an information technology solution and delivery platform that keeps track of the education process from course registration, content management, student evaluation and course completion.

Extra functionality can also be provided to create an online learning community experience for your users. These include discussion forums, chat rooms, integrated e-mail system, whiteboards and multimedia interaction.

One such approach for implementing a flexible web based training system is to use the Joomla! CMS with LMS extensions. One of the several optional Learning Management extensions is the Joomlearn LMS. A key advantage to this approach is that the Joomla CMS platform has over 5000 extensions for building social communities and integrating other extended features that can enhance the available resources to your learners. The open source code base also gives you freedom to expand your system or integrate it with legacy systems in addition to future proofing your delivery platform.

Using the Joomlearn LMS Extension with Joomla CMS

Joomlearn LMS is an easy to use solution that can grow with your organisation over time. While the features are not as robust as some of those used by larger institutions (such as Blackboard LMS) it has all of the basic features required to deliver and track effective learning management for your small to midsized business, non-profit organization.

This learning management system is available in the following packages:

Joomlearn LMS Basic Edition - The Basic Edition was the very first Learning Management System designed for the Joomla platform to allow your site users to view your training modules, take a quiz and get scored on their results. If they pass the course, the system can generate a certificate for the course.

Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition - The Silver Edition provides a total solution for organizing and managing your training content in a very easy to use interface. It is a cost effective and easy to use commercial training delivery system that offers many more options than the free Basic Edition.

Key Features of the Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition


The Silver Edition provides the ability to sell subscription access via a linked virtual payment portal that supports integration with most of the online payment processes.

It is Ideal for small to mid-size businesses that want to offer online tutorials and training to their employees or other registered users of their website.

Content Organisation

The system allows instructors to manage course content delivery, prerequisite requirements, course lists, testing and analysis of student results. Administrators or instructors are able to upload multimedia files to enhance the training experience.

System Administration

The learning management system is easy to install with front end administration to add, block and assign users of the system. Joomlearn LMS can report and notify key personnel within the organisation of a user’s course results as well as issue certificates.

Why choose Joomlearn LMS?

Major benefits for selecting this approach to implement web based training with Joomla CMS and the Joomlearn LMS is:

1.       Platform leverages open source technology – Freedom to expand or integrate

2.       It offers considerable cost savings – Low cost of entry

3.       Includes ecommerce and all basic features required to track and manage student activity.

4.       Is simple and intuitive for both administrators and users

Comparing with other LMS products on the market it really highlights the value of Joomla CMS with the Joomlearn LMS Extension for delivering exceptional features, functionality and flexibility.

Choosing an LMS solution for your organization requires a close look at priorities and culture of your intended participants. CNP Integrations training and education department works with companies to help assess and evaluate the best options that will meet or exceed intended use and expectations. Leveraging the Joomla CMS open source platform for web based training can offer significant cost savings and allow you to grow a much more significant program with limited resources’. For more information on how CNP Integrations can help with your evaluation and assessment process call: 1-508-644-1553 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..