World of Thanks!

This 2010 Thanksgiving season has really hit home for us since so many of our friends and customers have been impacted by either poor health or financial turmoil. We have much to be thankful for since we are healthy and stable as a company. We want to wish the warmest regards to the customers that make our company great and their customers that make them great.

Training and Extension development

This year (2010) we have tried to share a lot of new lessons learned and released several FREE Joomla! CMS training videos and Joomla Extensions with our new subscription service on This collection is part of our ongoing commitment to adding value to our customers. Next year we plan to release many more Joomla! CMS extensions and add several new modules to our growing collection of training resources. We will also be building the libraries at our and portals.

New Partners

In addition to the collections we have forged several new partnerships with component developers including JomSocial and JoomlaLMS to enable us improved customer service and support for rich social communities and learning environments using Joomla! CMS.  Since our team have been building and extending these frameworks for our clients already it is a natural fit to improve our collaborate with these talented development teams.

JBizPack is a win win for everyone.

One of the other big developments we will be rolling out in January will be a partnership program that can help us all build greater value in our relationships.  At the core of this program are four unique bundled service solutions that target the special needs of each the primary industry niches that we support.

The JBizPack bundled services and partner program is designed reduce development costs for industry groups through a proven process of success combined with our unique Value Building methodology, monthly service contracts and incentive s for your referral business. This has the potential to reduce your support costs by 20% and provide 5% commissions on referral business to help offset ongoing maintenance even more.  Our hope is that you will help us build our business opportunities thus reducing our marketing costs and letting us increase our efficiencies for customer service.

A preview of information about these programs can be found on the web portal.