7-Deadly-Press-Release Mistakes PDF

One of our Joomla Project Managers came across a wonderful PDF for avoiding the pitfalls when developing effective press releases. I wanted to share this and some of the experience I pass on when asked. This “7-Deadly-Press-Release Mistakes.pdf” covers some of the top techniques for crafting powerful press releases. While I am not a skilled press release writer myself I have found that almost anyone keeping this check list of techniques in mind and avoiding these pitfalls will fare well in getting their message out and if syndicated in the right places you will see an amazing effect.

Traffic Building for Joomla! CMS

As Joomla! Developers and Content Management System consultants, it seems like every other day I get asked about eMarketing and traffic building since this is such an important part of having an effective web program for any online business. We have been running an online program now since our origins in 2006 and have had many successes and a few failures and a few of those that cost us dearly in time and treasure. I would have to say that the single most effective initiative we have done in the mix of our many campaigns for Joomla! CMS would have to be Press Releases.

If you have a Joomla portal with good keywords and relatively search friendly content, a well written press release can yield you the fastest return on traffic building. With good links in your press release you can actually continue get traffic from this for many months after the initial blast. In the initial blast to the 100 or so syndication services we use you can practically watch your click through rates on Google grow in real time. One of my favorite syndication services is PRweb.com since they have some nice charts and graphs to show the impact of the particular traffic from their releases. They charge a nominal fee but it is well worth the investment for high profile campaigns and if your budget will allow.

Scale to your budget:

There are two approaches we have used depending on the importance of the release and available budget.

1.       If you have a high profile campaign with well crafted press releases I highly recommend using the PRweb service and a couple other paid services since they have more clout and a broader base of subscribers.

2.       If you are on a budget you can push out releases to many of the free services and get a pretty good effect and for lower profile campaigns done more frequently and consistently this can have an almost equal effect.

It does not hurt to use both and we try to maintain lists of the many services available and I have other blog articles on these lists. Once the releases are distributed there are other techniques that will continue to bolster your campaigns such as posting to blogs and social networks. If you get lucky and have a groundswell of reposting the effect is unmatched by any other paid advertising you could do.

Stay news worthy

So if you can always be doing something news worthy with your business, maintain healthy relevant content in your Joomla! portal and can write effective press campaigns you are bound for success with traffic building. Hope you enjoy the PDF and buy the way it has a link to a professional press release writing company that can give you a hand.