The Debate

One of the big debates lately regarding comparisons with Joomla! CMS, Drupal and WordPress is; Which works best for Government web sites? Well there is not really a definitive answer since each of these tools has their place and you should carefully consider the dynamics of the client and use of the system to determine this. However, since we have worked with all three systems and overwhelmingly prefer Joomla! as the solution we most often recommend to our customers, I wanted to share a list of Governments around the world that are committed to using the Joomla! CMS solution.

This list is still incomplete since it is rather hard to track but it does give a pretty good slice of types of Government organizations using Joomla right now all around the world and I think the pendulum is leaning very heavy towards Joomla as a solution that Government agencies can use with the greatest easy and confidence. With over 7000+ extensions, a global development community and an open source architecture the flexibility and capabilities are simply unmatched.

Getting off the fence

While there are many organizations currently using the Joomla platform there are many still on the fence in exploration phase wondering how they can get started. Moreover, since committing to any new system in a Government agency is often a lengthy process.  Adopters want to make sure this is not only a solid platform but also that it will be around and supported over the lifetime of its intended use. They often wonder how to deploy a Joomla system that meets all of their technical and user specifications and how can they bridge any change management required to roll this out with the best possible stakeholder and user adoption.

All of these elements have been carefully considered by the CNP Integrations team which specializes in building, configuring and maintaining Joomla! CMS solutions. Their business service model is driven around training and empowerment so your organization can maximize your talent while leveraging the solid expertise of the CNP Integrations team as a force multiplier.

Solutions to meet the challenges

CNP Integrations’ JBizPack deployment program and service plus for Government targets specific types of functionality particular for Government agencies and provides an easy to follow success program. JBizPack for Government is in part a bundled service program designed to offer a Joomla! CMS with all of the right components and template designs, support and consulting required for a successful custom deployment. Combined with a comprehensive training plan JBizPack will guarantee your success and deliver superior technology at a fraction of the cost. JBizPack for Government is the best way to get started with building a Joomla! CMS solution and Joomla! CMS is the best platform to future proof your investment.

Review the link above and see what other agencies have done with this platform and keep in mind that CNP Integrations Value Building Methodology can help you get the best value for your technology implementations and training. For information about JBizPack for Government visit:

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