Small Busines SolutionsIt has been a very eventful couple months. We are in the process of launching three NEW major portal projects based on our JoomlaCRM platform. Our JoomlaCRM platform features a large collection of built in social networking components and is integrated with a suite of robust

eCommerce and Customer Relationship Business Management tools (CRBM). Our demo is live finally at  Feel free to stop by and watch this presentation take shape over the coming months. We are excited about this new integrated bundle because it allows us to deliver feature rich systems, in shorted deployment times with a greater value and return on investment to the customer. Having a flexible framework pre bundled allows us to offer greater value in training, consulting and content configuration and development.

The first of our projects has come together in record time due to the great collaboration and synergy we were able to get between the customer the Client and our development team. Typically projecets of this magnitude can take up to a year to build out and configure content. However this project has been built in a fraction of the time. The new portal at which will be live as of July 1st  leverages many of the deep features built into our Joomla + CRM social networking community platform. This portal offers a myspace meets youtube type of user community since BAVC interacts with a diverse constituency but has many event registration and eLearning tools as well. This JoomlaCRM portal framework is complimented with a beautiful design by Airbag industries and solid template coding by our expert Joomla! development team. We built over 30 custom modules and will have two unique template designs once the second phase of the project unfolds over the coming months.  In addition we integrated a unique class registration and event management system.

Bay Area Video Coalition, or BAVC (pronounced "bay-vac"), is a nonprofit media arts center that was founded in 1976 by a coalition of media makers and activists who wanted to find alternative, civic-minded applications for a new technology.

The second Joomla portal project we pushed out this last month was for , a catholic radio station. This portal leverages media libraries and podcasts of their programs and they plan to build a web based community over time leveraging their enthusiastic radio audience. This was a partnership with the Canonball Creative agency and came together with compelling customer driven content.

The third portal project will leverage not only our unique suite of social networking and media library and cataloging tools built into JoomlaCRM but will feature a robust CRBM system though the integration of Infoathand ( This project framework will leverage the full capabilities and take advantage of the deep features in this portal bundle. The FFS team plans to utilize the project management features and campaign management tools to grow their constituency and manage their many productions. We met the Fred Friendly Seminar folks while attending a social networking seminar with Paul Greenberg in NY. The quality of their programs and nature of important topics they cover has been an inspiring project to participate in. In their words this quote says it all... "Our job is not to make up anybody's mind, but to open minds and to make the agony of decision making so intense you can escape only by thinking. " The redesign will be coming online for a pilot program in Mid June and will have a more formal public launch in August. If you are interested in getting involved in our pilot program to help us test and develop initial discussion for the site please contact me so we can get you involved.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you visit any of the links in this post I am eager to get your feedback.

Sincerely, CN