Twitter FeedbackWell it took me a while to break down and start "tweeting" since it looked like one of those activities that was going to eat up a bunch of my time, and yes it did do just that but I think I get it now... This is going to be a huge wave in the way folks communicate! So yes it took a little time to get started but I think it is going to pay off in the end and will be a must for connecting with and building communities. Human nature will always be human nature and we as a social society polarize to ideas concepts and the popularity of others. Twitter brings folks together in a way that includes all of the fun and excitement of being social but the cool thing is we are now all communicating without visual or physical prejudice since you are not connecting in a space that will taint perception via race, age, gender, sexual orientation weight or any other physical appearance. You are connecting through the mind and ideas and "flavor" of your ability to communicate.

This can break down the barriers of geographic location and territorial  prejudice as well. I see this as being yet another "Flattening" of the world as Thomas Freedman thoughts in his book "The World is Flat".

So I guess I am an new advocate of Tweeting and recommend you start taking a look at what all this buzz is all about. The old saying of it is not "what you know it is who you know" I think will be "It is what you know and Who you know" and it seems that a tweety world of real time communication such as the twitter concept will definitely have an impact.

Here is a post from another blog that had some great tools I though worth mentioning if you embark on this adventure as I have. Of course you can "follow me" on twitter at: @cnpsupport


14 Great Twitter Tools for Higher Ed

10 April 2009 in Toolkit by Kate | View commentsComments

The Twitter tool kit of the business world only holds so much relevance in the higher ed space.  But there are some tools that would really add to the efficacy of using Twitter for educators who may have different needs.

We’ve listed several great ones below to start off:

Tweetdeck: A desktop application that let’s you organize who you’re following, save and display searches and organize your Twitter account to accommodate issues such as distinguishing student Tweets from colleague Tweets.

Tweet Later: With this tool you can schedule Tweets in advance, so they get posted when you want them to….like during a classroom lecture.

Twits Like Me: This allows you to find other Twitter users who are talking about the things you like to talk about, so you can follow more people who offer you value.

Tweetworks:  Move classroom discussion online into threaded groups that can be responded to from most Twitter applications, with each discussion having its own url.

Seesmic: The new version of this desktop app is great for educators and those in higher ed. It’s Tweetdeck plus maintenance of multiple accounts at the same time.

Twitilator: This is an iPhone app that has a lot of great options for Twittering from your phone.  Twitterberry has gotten some kudos for the blackberry.

TweetGrid: You can break this real-time search browser into several searches that update in real time, not only perfect for general monitoring, but a great visual addition to a class lecture.

Hashtags: Combining this service with something like TweetGrid or Tweetdeck, you can assign a specific hashtag to your lecture for students to Twitter live comments or questions, and project them onto a screen, or pick out the juicy ones for post-lecture content.

Tweetscan: By getting a notification everytime your custom search terms are mentioned on Twitter, you’re able to keep up-to-date on pertinent items coming out in the Twitosphere.

Breaking Tweets: By compiling the latest world news and Twitter feedback on that news, you can know not only what’s going on, but what people are saying about it in the Twitosphere.

TwitTrans: Have your Tweets translated into any language!

Twitscoop: This tool allows you to track trends in what’s being talked about online.  Know what’s going on in your discipline as soon as it comes out, or add some last minute content to the classroom setting.

postica: Have a note you want to get out to your students or your department?  Put it on a post-it on Twitter.

twtpoll: Conduct your own poll, including students, colleagues, etc.

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