CNP Integrations is proud to offer quality hosting services that are optimized for Joomla! CMS and Info@hand CRBM and Joomla LMS solutions. We have implimented advanced security with the SecureLive system to safegaurd your valuable web assests and maximize the safe performance of your web portals. Our servers are located at one of the largest datacenters in Northamerica and are connected to a redundant global network that garuntees 100% uptime.

We run primary and syncronized standby servers to further safegaurd your mission critical data and daily and ondemand back-ups are available through an easy to use Plesk control panel.


To avoid having your web site targeted by hackers who have identified security loopholes in source code we conduct preventative maintenance and security audits that will safeguard your data. Since the Joomla code is always evolving and innovating there are often new vulnerabilities which could easily be exploited unless you or a Joomla security expert have taken proactive steps to secure your website.

A devious hacker may:

  • Take your website offline
  • Reset your passwords and lock you out of your website
  • Delete files and data that you have placed on your website
  • Use your website to store illegal images and other files
  • Post embarrassing links to your website
  • Send countless spam messages from your website
  • Access the personal information of your website’s users
  • Use your website as a launching pad for attacking other websites

Joomla is one of the best and most popular content management systems in the world. With this popularity comes added threat and interest of the hacking community. However, if you remain proactive and take proper steps to maintain your Joomla! Portal you can prevent hackers from succeeding in their attempts. We can monitor and perform regular security audits and system wide back-ups to safeguard and protect your web portal’s content.

To find out more about our Security Monitoring, Audits and Joomla Back and Recovery services Click Here or call: 1-508-644-1554