What is JomSocial?

JomSocial has just released a new version 2.0 that further expands the core features for Social Community building and relationship management for the Joomla! CMS.

Social networking sites are amazingly fun for you to set up and expand online relationships and network within your community.

JomSocial makes it easier for you to install joomla social networking on your site. At a glance, the joomla social engine was designed from ground up  to come with many features out of the box. You can easily enable social networking to collaborate with your community with features such as activity streams, flexible templating & design, photo gallery, video support, organic groups, event management, social graph management, customize profile, private messaging, external social network integration and many more.

The CNP Integrations team offers installation and integration services for the JomSocial environment and is proud to be a development partner. CNP now offers several custom built extensions as part of the extensive catalog of add0ons for this robust envoronment.

What's New In JomSocial 2.0?

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Multiple profile types

This is one of the major features that is included in JomSocial 2.0. Users can now select their profile types which are predefined by admin on the back end. As a site administrator, you can also restrict group creations by different profile types.

Members listing!

You want a list of your social network moderators? Or those who are living in New York City? Now you can create any list and put it as a menu link. How does this work? Really simple, perform a search through the advance search,click save search with your desired title and walla! you are done! The menu will be automatically created by JomSocial and users can access these listings.

Like a.k.a Rating System

JomSocial now has a rating system on various parts of the social network. Users can like or dislike photos, profiles, groups, videos and many more.

Automatic Photo Orientation

Photos taken by digital camera and mobile phones (yes, that includes iPhone) usually have orientation metadata. JomSocial recognizes this and auto-rotates the photos according to its original orientation. So, don't worry, your feet will always be on the ground.

Profile thumbnail cropping

You can now upload a full size photo for your profile picture and crop the interesting part for its thumbnail.

Global Invitation System

The invitation system has been revamped. It is interactive and goes very easy on the eye. It also includes comprehensive API which allows 3rd party developers to easily integrate invitations into their own application.

Group Events

Events was a big hit in JomSocial 1.8.x. For 2.0 we take it even further by letting users to create an event for their groups. Now it is even easier to create a meet up, specifically for your favorite group.

Event & Group Subcategories

Give your users the freedom to categorize their events even further.

Custom messages to the stream

You can now fill up your activity stream with a lot of cool messages. This includes Most Viewed Photos, Most Popular Users and so on. You can also type in a custom message for all your users to see.

More Administrative configurations

In JomSocial 2.0, a site administrator has more controls over the members. They are also allowed to modify users' vanity URL, configure which page it should redirect to upon logging in, disable profile videos feature, more template parameters and a lot more.

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CONTACT: Christopher Nielsen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Joomla Search Plus – Advanced Search module & plug-ins released for Joomla 1.5


Boston, MA – CNP Integrations releases Powerful new consolidated search options for Joomla! CMS that puts content instantly at the fingertips of the user.

Today November 16th CNP was notified that their collection of Search Plus - Advanced Search extensions for Joomla! CMS were approved for listing in the Joomla.org “Joomla Extensions Directory” also affectionately known as the JED. This endorsement marks a milestone for CNP’s development and consulting team’s commitment to excellence.

CNP Integrations is best known for their service and technical expertise for supporting Joomla! CMS and the integrated Info@hand Customer Relationship Business Management System (CRBM). This is their first release of advanced search plug-ins for Joomla! CMS. This powerful new bundle called Search Plus – Advanced Search for Joomla features an enhanced Joomla Search module and five plug-ins: “JS Events Search Plus Plug-in” for JomSocial, “JS Groups Search Plus Plug-in”” for JomSocial, “JS Profile Search Plus Plug-in” for JomSocial, “JS Photos Search Plus Plug-in” for JomSocial and “ProjectFork Search Plus Plug-in” for ProjectFork. The new Search Plus collection has several other options available for clients engaged in development projects with the CNP Integrations team and has released this current bundle as a FREE offering to the global Joomla community.

With the Search Plus Plug-in from CNP Integrations users will be able to display JomSocial and ProjectFork options from a consolidated search screen using the advanced search module from the front end of the site. With additional integration services from the CNP Integrations team you can add search for DocMan, Sobi2, Seyret Video and even bridge relationships between the JomSocial community building tools and the ProjectFork project management suite.

“Our team has been enhancing Joomla environments and building custom components to meet unique client needs now for nearly 5 years and we are excited to finally be in a position to give back to the community” says Christopher Nielsen, CEO and project manager with CNP Integrations. “This is just one of many collections planned as we expand our membership service offerings at JoomlaDesignServices.com to clients and showcase our development value network partnership with OSDCS.com”.

Search Plus for Joomla! CMS and other associated plug-ins may be downloaded individually or as a bundle from http://www.joomladesignservices.com. There is no cost for these Joomla Extensions but registration is required to download them. Registered users will also have access to some of the training resources available as a additional FREE Subscriber reward.

CNP Integrations, a specialist in integrating web based infrastructures, delivering design services and advanced online functionality for small businesses, government education and non profit organizations, is the premier US provider for info@hand, a development partner for JomSocial and a Joomla LMS solutions partner. The firm offers hassle free hosting, info@hand software and development support resources for transaction life cycle management, training and ecommerce solutions. The project managers and programming team at CNP Integrations specialize in complex Social Networking, Learning Management and community based portal systems that embrace web 2.0 technologies.

More information about CNP integrations can be found on their websites at: http://www.cnpintegrations.com, http://www.crbm.net, http://www.givetoed.org, http://www.learningcrm.com and http://www.joomladesignservices.com.


Universal AjaxChat update patch to V1.7.3 from all versions Version:1.7.3

Use the contents of this pack to patch your site.  Just unzip the archive and upload to the root of your site.  Do not forget to confirm the file replacement.

Click here to go to go the download overview and downloads.  Use the search term “Patch” and the Universal AjaxChat update patch V1.7.3 will pull right up.

Joomlashack just released a brand new template at Joomlashack.com called Impacto, and besides being a great all-purpose Joomla template perfect for any site, it's also the first-ever Joomla template designed to be a powerful Landing Page for your advertising campaigns!

You probably already know just how important an effective Landing Page is in today's ultra competitive, e-commerce-driven world. The right Landing page layout can increase your Adwords sales and keep visitors on your site longer. And that’s why Impacto is so impactful.

Impacto enables you to build stunning landing pages right inside Joomla! using bold, rich typography, preset styles, and customizable layout options that present your message clearly and effectively.

Introducing, Impacto - A complete content package solution

Impacto includes up to 5 landing page layout possibilities (loaded with sample content) AND all the standard Joomla layouts (category list, blog, etc) you'd expect in a premium Joomlashack template! 

PLUS, Impacto includes additional features like:

13 module positions

4 eye-catching color themes

5 Landing Page layout possibilities - With a few simple edits in the backend, you can design the Landing Page layout YOU think will get the best response from your customers

Easy Customization - You can control the Impacto template's module widths, column stacking order, and more without ever touching any CSS or HTML.

Bonus Typography Styles

Mega-Optimized for SEO

And much more.

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