The popular sh404SEF Joomla! component has been a standard for Joomla! SEO and website security. With the release of sh404SEF v2.1, that standard is made even higher!

While new features like an updated user interface and easier to use tiny urls for your content make this release a welcome addition to any site, advanced features such as Integrated Google Analytics, and Mobile Device detection make this component irreplaceable!

Find out more about the new sh404SEF v2.1 from the folks at Anything Digital.

Shape5, a leader in Joomla Design and Extensions has done it again with their latest set of Joomla! 1.5 templates!

Their latest release, Pantheon, brings the latest in web design together with some of Shape5's advanced Joomla! Capabilities. Options like customizable content & column width and background graphic rotators come built right into your theme!

With its SEO friendly design, and wide variety of customization and integration options, Pantheon sets the bar high for future Joomla! templates.
Check out the latest at Shape5 or jump over to the CNP Forums to discuss all things Joomla!

Joomlashack has done it again! Their new Lifestream Joomla! component turns how you display your social media on its head!

While the Lifestream component might look like your average social media and rss display on the surface, it's the additional functions that make it the foremost social media display available!

With options to display multiple social media or rss feed in the same module or component,along with multiple display options and views, Lifestream takes displaying your social media content to a new level!

Check out more of the new features at Joomlashack, or grab a live demo!

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With YouJoomla's recent release of their new YouMomentum template, Joomla Website Owners have another great Template Style to choose from!

Not only that, but it is absolutely cram-packed with functions! From collapsible module styles to multiple CSS layouts, YouJoomla has released yet another awesome theme!

Check out the Latest YouJoomla templates and extensions, or stop by the CNP Forums to discuss all things Joomla!

If you haven't been over to the Joobi website to check out their powerful Joomla! templates and extensions, then you'd better get over there quick!

Joobi has released several very successful templates in the past such as their Bliss and Phenomenon template pack, and they've just come out with some new templates that look even better!

Joobi templates seem to offer the best of both worlds, awesome graphics and appealing layouts, combined with powerful performance and features. Couple that with some of their advanced Joomla plugins and modules and you've got a site thats working for you 24/7!

We're excited about some of the new Joobi products, like the Flare template pack.

So stop by yourself and check it out!

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