For immediate release: December 22nd 2010

Joomla! CMS Design efficiency program offers greater value to CNP Clients

Massachusetts — December 22nd 2010

Today - CNP Integrations announced a new Design efficiency program to help clients get the very best design options while offering rapid deployment of their web portal projects. CNP has purchased developer licenses for several of the premier template vendors in the industry. This unmatched catalog combined with their fantastic graphics development team and experienced world class developers allows them to deliver compelling designs and feature rich frameworks. This approach allows CNP to support small businesses, non profits and government and educational institutions with affordable and sustainable Joomla CMS portal systems to manage eCommerce, communications and communities online.

Traditional design processes are becoming less popular for several reasons;

  • Design is often very subjective and it takes time to execute
  • Leveraging an existing template helps build team consensus for priority design elements
  • The quality and flexibility of modern templates meet the needs of most clients
  • Template frameworks are built to be modified and branded easily
  • Using a compliant template reduces the amount of cross browser, security and compliance testing
  • Templates offer lower cost which allows for adding more features or training

“Where clients require custom designs and more in-depth branding strategies we can provide these services,” says Christopher Nielsen CEO and general manager. “However, most projects can be delivered faster and with better feature sets and training by leveraging some of the existing template frameworks by our world class vender solutions. This approach does not compromise the look and feel it actually offers more flexibility for improving your options and reducing costs.”

Some of the world class vendors in CNP’s new template catalog:

What is the Joomla !CMS Design efficiency program?

The way this program works is that CNP purchases a developers license for top rated template vendors so you can use the design of your choice with no additional charge by being a service customer of CNP Integrations. The CNP team then works with you to accommodate any custom features, branding or other requirements to help you achieve a superior and unique presentation on line. Being able to install a template that has buy-in from the stakeholder’s upfront saves a considerable amount of time getting the initial site built out. Then the branding and the configuration and programming aspects can come together much faster and with greater efficiency.

“We feel this is just another way that we can add value to our clients for working with our team.”  Says Nielsen, “Companies can get hit the ground running and get a better return on their technology investment by leveraging our proven processes for success and by leveraging any of the outstanding templates within the catalogs we subscribe.”

For information about the CNP Integrations team or the new program visit the following web sites:

Creative Networks Protocol, DBA CNP Integrations is an industry leader for Joomla! Based business solutions by providing technology configuration, development and programming services, technical support and comprehensive training for Small and Medium businesses and non-profit organizations. CNP Integrations offers a wide range of products and services designed to allow organizations to get the best value out of their technology investment.

For more information contact:

Chris Nielsen, 1-508-644-1553 Ext. 300, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.