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March 30th, 2011

NEW Joomla! CMS Integration with JomSocial and info@hand CRBM at


Massachusetts — March 31, 2011

Today CNP Integrations announced a new customer service portal built with Joomla! CMS that features the JomSocial community building extensions and the customer service integrations of the info@hand customer relationship business management (CRBM) solutions. leverages the Joomla! CMS to offer robust SocialCRM by combining the powerful CMS/ERP/CRM engine of info@hand that delivers a full featured back end customer relationship, resource and account management system and blends it with the feature rich social community building tools of JomSocial. CNP provides extended technical support and training services for this unique platform of commercial and open source web tools. CNP has a proven track record and hands on experience deploying and configuring these systems for practical business use cases at a fraction of the cost found with most enterprise systems. In addition to providing support services, CNP uses the info@hand CRBM platform for all of its account management and has taken a bold step to open this new Joomla! CMS based customer community to a fully collaborative social centric environment. “We wanted our customers to be able to communicate effectively from a central place not only with us but with each other. Our customers all use a common technology platform (Joomla! CMS) and this approach allows them learn from each other while building a greater collective knowledgebase. We are confident this approach will benefit our customers by offering shared information that could help them either use their online tools more effectively or to make better informed business decisions in the process. Social Networks like Linkedin and Facebook have paved a new paradigm for how business are going to communicate in the future so we want to lead by example with the very tools and solution we support.” says Christopher Nielsen CEO/General manager for CNP Integrations.

CNP’s new socially aware platform not only allows clients secure private access to their account related information, technical knowledge base, support case submission and billing transactions but it offers the ability for members to join and create topic related groups or share online events and activities with other members. There is an ever growing resource of training documents and instructional videos as well as a full featured Learning Management System (LMS) with courseware and tutorials for Joomla! CMS, info@hand CRBM, and other professional development training.

“Right now we manage and publish content to several company portals with vast amounts of information that can help our clients get more value out of their technology investments. What we wanted to do is to offer consolidated and centralized access to these collections as they grow over time”, continues Nielsen.

The business portal has been around for a while as part of the info@hand CRBM integrated platform but CNP integrations has taken this a step further by adding the JomSocial social networking tools and the latest versions of Virtuemart eCommerce extensions and the latest secure build of Joomla! CMS. “The Virtuemart integration by itself is very powerful! This process allows us to manage our services and online products in our CRM and then synchronize them with our public catalog and then synchronize with the Quickbooks accounting software to create a seamless transaction lifecycle management solution. In the end it makes us leaner and more efficient and we can then pass these saving on to clients. Our goal was to continue our commitment to providing better quality, faster response and greater value with our customer service and support offerings. This new portal and related customer service model is one of several initiatives underway to meet our commitment to excellence and improve communications with our customers”, says Mr. Nielsen.

CNP Integrations recently published a short overview video on youtube showcasing the features found on the new;

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