The Ultimate Creative Bundle - $1500 worth of creative items
On sale until March 30th for $49

Hello Flashloaded friend,

We wanted to let you know about an amazing deal that's on sale right now through our sister site, MightyDeals, that's full of goodies for designers and especially Flash developers.

Ultrashock celebrates its 10th anniversary with an unbelievable offer:

Tons of creative Flash, audio, vector, and image files + great extras and vouchers by Ultrashock, Media Temple (mt), Erain, Kindisoft, Go Media, FDT, and Footage Firm.

Including a free FDT 4 Pure license (worth $129), and secureSWF v3.5 Personal Edition.

You get this entire bundle, worth over $1500 for just $49! You save over 95%!

You simply cannot afford to miss this deal!

In addition to this, you can get some great valuable freebies worth a total of $150 just by sending a tweet (details on the MightyDeals website).

See this deal on the MightyDeals website for info on all of the products included in this amazing bundle.

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Flashloaded Team