Boston, MA Area USA - November 22nd, CNP Integrations ( announced their proprietary conversion service for a Drupal to Joomla platform migration, allowing web administrators of the well known Drupal system to embrace the ease of use and extensible framework of the powerful Joomla! CMS.

The CNP solution quickly and safely migrates content directly from the Drupal database into a new Joomla! installation.  CNP’s conversion process interfaces with Drupal’s core content options, to migrate all existing content, even comments! Further options and features are also available with the expanded Joomla framworks using the popular K2 extensions.

Given today’s trend to maximize return on investment, especially as it relates to human capital, it’s no wonder that webmasters are considering every way they can to cut the overhead and time constraints of administering their work, without losing the effectiveness and capabilities of their work. Joomla! is well know for ease of use for non-technical users while being robust enough to be trusted and admired by large enterprise organizations such as Ebay, Shell Oil, McDonalds, The United Nations and many others around the globe. This makes Joomla a significant force in effective content contribution and management.

Drupal administrators searching for like-kind platform capabilities and the potential for new features and concepts, especially in social community building and learning management capabilities, are finding the Joomla! solution standing out as the platform of choice. Until now, a migration or conversion of data between platforms has been a daunting prospect. CNP’s in-house solution alleviates the concern, making Joomla! an easy choice to expand a Drupal administrator’s catalog of available functionality. The move opens up community building with extensions like the popular JomSocial tools or Learning Management Solutions with extensions like JoomlaLMS and many others. Joomla offers limitless new features that are not as readily available or fully supported in the Drupal community.

CNP has long been known in the Joomla community as a key provider for development and support for large scale, enterprise level solutions that leverage the Joomla! CMS platform. CNP’s new Drupal migration service grew from their core business of providing custom development, cross platform integrations and data migration services. Driven from client requests to switch from the Drupal platform to Joomla, CNP set out to improve the migration process and bridge the gap between how data was managed between the two CMS platforms.

According to CNP CEO Christopher Nielsen, “We had a client with a large scale Drupal site that required a migration to Joomla, when our team searched for other developers that had faced this same challenge there were no real viable solutions in the marketplace. We found none that had attempted this yet on any sites of any magnitude. We see this service as a great opportunity for Drupal administrators to convert their sites and leverage the huge catalog of extensions available for the Joomla CMS”

In one example, a large Drupal site with many modifications made in order to accomplish site goals was recreated in a new Joomla! environment where, along with K2, a more sustainable workflow was implemented, with far less customizations required.  This migration successfully ported over 20,000 content pieces, comments for each article, as well as thousands of users.

Seeing a burgeoning market for making life easier for wide range of CMS site administrators, the Drupal migration service is expected to expand CNP’s support offerings and fill a growing service niche in the open source community.  CNP’s Drupal to Joomla CMS migration service is quoted on a case by case basis. Simply call the firm at 1-508-644-1553, for a free, no-obligation consultation.