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Trailer-mounted boom lifts

Your aerial lift fleet can benefit from the addition of trailer-mounted boom lifts because they are simple to operate and can be hauled behind a pickup truck or sport utility vehicle.


About Rental Lifts

Because of their lightweight construction, they are ideally suited for usage on grass or gymnasium floors. In addition, their auto-leveling hydraulic outriggers make it very easy to set them up. Even in the most hazardous of settings, the tasks at hand will be easier to complete with the assistance of this equipment.

It is possible to attach a trailer-mounted boom lift quickly and easily to the tow bar of a vehicle, 


Making it a practical alternative to using scaffolding or ladders.

Light Labor

This aerial platform is ideal for the task at hand if you plan to conduct light labor,


Such as fixing low-lying constructions like homes, for example.


Are you thinking about purchasing a lift that can be mounted on a trailer as part,

Europe Lift

Europe Lift is known for producing trailer-mounted boom lifts that are agile and versatile. Any of the cars should be able to transport all of the models without any problems. They come in a wide range of alternatives, each of which has its own unique combination of height and length of reach. This type of flying platform makes it possible to perform tasks such as painting houses or low buildings, maintaining light poles or trees, and more. Please have a look at the numerous types of products and customization options that we provide.

Towing and transporting boom lifts that are installed on a specially engineered chassis is made easier using trailer-mounted boom lifts or “trailer mounts.” This makes them particularly suitable for duties that necessitate frequent travel, such as CCTV installation and facility management, which necessitate frequent travel.



With hydraulic or manual outriggers, trailer-mounted boom lifts can be conveniently transferred from one location to another.

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Each one of these devices is designed to be lightweight and small in order to maximize the amount of workspace available.



In addition to the fact that they are simple to operate due to the proportional controls they have, they also have features like telescoping,



fly-boom booms as well as a rotational platform drive, traction drive, and hydraulic outriggers. Towable boom lifts have the advantages of easy mobility,

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Simple operation

Simple operation, a broad working area, and strong balance performance. When the road surface is uneven, it can support four legs simultaneously or one leg,

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Making it easy to operate and use. For example, it is commonly used in businesses like ports and public structures that demand aerial labor.

Electric And Diesel Self-Boom Lifts

Vehicles equipped with folding arm aerial work platforms are widely used in a variety of fields, including municipal and industrial construction and maintenance; electric power; street lighting; advertising; photography; gardens; transportation; large industrial and mining enterprises; and other fields of endeavor. Electric and diesel self-boom lifts: No external power supply is required. It can be used in high-altitude erection activities in the field. If you're looking for a high-powered machine that can walk quickly and efficiently, this is the one for you.